Anyone Can Be Charming

With Valentines Day fast approaching, I think it’s fair to say some of us are feeling that growing urge for companionship starting to slowly surface. What is it about these clichés that gets us going?

At such a time, it is easy to fall into the arms of the first guy/girl who looks our way. We may start dancing that little bit sexier, actually ironing our clothes before a big night out and spray on that extra spritz of perfume. And, hey, guess what, the majority of people are on the same wavelength. So, with the aura of desperation filling the air of clubs, our chances of finding that lucky Valentine may actually be on the cards.

However, anyone can be charming, and we do not need just anyone. More than once have I gone for the ‘safe option’ or the ‘nice guy’. Sometimes it is far too easy to attach yourself to the first option, rather than wait around for something worthwhile. Charm quickly wears off and soon the irritating habits and the dodgy haircut you tried to ignore will be all you can focus on. Effectively, you become the bad guy for hurting the nice guy.

So, maybe this year we should not fall into the same dangerous pattern, because perhaps the solution we’ve all be looking for is much more simple than we think. Here is what I propose:
– First and foremost, ladies, let’s not watch Bridget Jones with a tub of ice-cream this year.
– Avoid The Notebook like it’s the plague.
– Think about the sense of relief and escapism after a break up when you realise you actually love single life. Lets try and focus on how fun that is.
– Be with friends, be independent be career focused or be promiscuous. Be whatever makes you happy. Just don’t be sucked into the media spiel that indoctrinates you with the outdated notion that a woman needs a man to complete herself.

Having something is not necessarily better than having nothing – especially when it comes to relationships. And look at the bigger picture, because you don’t have ‘nothing’. Focus on what you do have and you will feel much more content and fulfilled in the long term. If the sparks aren’t flying after the few first dates, they probably never will.

It’s 2013, aim higher!